Emergency services

ATD Rapid Response services are available round the clock. Simply, call us, describe the problem and we’ll organise and despatch a professional team to provide the help you need, as quickly as possible. 

Rapid Response Service 

Rapid Response is available for scaffolding and building emergencies on residential and commercial projects, across the country. Our rates are competitive, and the services are available both to ADT Scaffolding clients and to companies who are new to ATD Scaffolding. 

We have many years’ experience of dealing with emergency situations and crisis events, and, when appropriate, will liaise with local authorities, insurance companies, the police and other emergency services. 

When a building becomes a danger to the public, the ATD Rapid Response team will provide all the support you need, and make sure contractors have safe access to complete any remedial work. 

We can also secure buildings that have become unsafe by providing safety barriers, fencing or hoarding to reduce any risk to the public. 

The ATD Rapid Response team can also deal with scaffolding or fencing which has been damaged or become unstable following bad weather, roof failure, fire or being hit by a vehicle. 

Typical emergency work

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Residential Scaffolding

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For free, professional advice call us on
0203 633 40 13

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