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Site Fencing Hire Services


ATD Scaffolding provides temporary fencing hire services intended for securing building sites.

Before the works start it is crucial to provide safety and proper worksite organization. Securing the building site allows to avoid risks for workers and its neighborhood. Most important is to fence in a construction site, to ensure that unauthorized person is not allowed to enter. It is likewise essential, that the location of the construction site area is in correct distance from other properties.


Size of the building site area should let to keep all necessary materials, tools and rubbish within designated territory. Similarly, it should protect its neighbourhood in the manner allowing to reduce scattering rubble and spreading of dust.

Fencing types

There are different temporary site fencing types, depending on its purpose:

Heras Fencing

The most common and economic building site securing method is wide mesh panel heras fencing. We use it to easily outline an area boundaries, where there are no theft and vandalism dangers. It is designated for temporary fencing. Prevents unauthorized entrances and demarcate safe workspace area. Moreover, Heras Fencing distinguish in its speed and ease of assembly and dismantling.

When we choose to secure a construction site using a mesh panels, it is have to be made of a high quality materials. It is important, because otherwise it can put people’s health and safety at risk. If the site is located in out-of-the-way place we don’t have to worry about securing the property. Unless we keep there tools, equipment and materials. In that case we should secure a premises using a steel or wooden hoarding fence.

Hoarding Fence

Fences made of ready-made elements. Its different parameters depends on the materials used and assembly technology. Steel or wooden construction site fencing provides safe, block out, separated area. That allows to use a security systems. It certainly prevents unauthorized entrances and theft. To provide adequate structural stability, we mount panels to the columns. It is easy to calculate the costs of such an investment. We just have to measure the length of the fence and select a particular type of fence.

The panels have different heights. Depending on the needs, it is suitable for fencing all sizes areas. Frequently used for temporary fencing of commercial construction sites. Rarely for fencing of residential sites.

For securing a building site, equipment storage area or a fence in a worksite, call us for a free quote.

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